AMBER iTest - An automated model-based user interface testing environment

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The main goal of this project is to develop a set of tools and techniques to automate specification based GUI testing, solving the shortcomings found in our previous work, and show their applicability in industrial environments: hide as much as possible formal modelling details from users, via a visual modelling front-end that is integrated with the formal modelling environment and is supported by appropriate translation tools; ease the task of mapping the abstract actions described in the model to concrete actions on physical objects in the implemented GUI for several platforms, via a enhanced GUI mapping tool; help the generation of higher quality test cases, via the identification of the most appropriate test coverage criteria for model base GUI testing and the development of tools to evaluate the quality and control and guide the generation of test cases; and validate the overall approach by a set of industrial case studies.






Critical Software, SA






134720 Euros



T1: Development of a visual GUI modeling front-end

T2: Generalization of the model to implementation mapping tool

T3: Development of a GUI reverse engineering tool

T4: Development of GUI test coverage analysis and enforcement tools

T5: Industrial validation and enhancement