Matching Opportunities: Firjan IEL – UPTEC International Programme (3 – 7 June 2019)

Jointly organised Firjan IEL – UPTEC: International Programme will take place from 3 – 7 June 2019 at UPTEC (Science and Technology Park of University of Porto) in Porto, Portugal.

This International Programme is part of the Executive Education Programme of Firjan IEL (course LidERA X.0) and has as its objective to:

  • connect the Brazilian participants to an international network of creative & digital industry specialists
  • take the participants deeper into the topic of new economy of start-ups
  • inform about innovative and modern models of digital business
  • offer inspiration for an “innovative mindset”
  • evoke the generation of new ideas which could help to improve the performance of businesses
  • take the participants to Porto based companies and start-ups
  • offer the possibility of experiencing cultural and artistic scenery of the city of Porto

The programme of the event will include talks and roundtable discussions on various topics ranging from leadership and digital transformation to new business models. The programme will also include visits to Porto based companies and startups as well as has in store a gripping social programme.

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