Dissertation Project


"Semantic integration of Social and Domain Knowledge in a Collaborative Network Platform"


This work describes an approach and an application for the Semantic integration of domain conceptualization in a socio-collaborative network platform. The platform,built based on the Drupal CMS framework, aims to offer SMEs possibilities to access specific knowledge by means of a collaborative community. A model to semantically express the socio-collaborative activities of the platform connected with the domain knowledge related to the project is presented. The model is based on existing W3C ontologies such as FOAF, SIOC and SIOC-types for the socio-collaborative semantics and SKOS to describe the domain knowledge. An architecture to support the model and related applications of the semantic metadata generated in the platform are also described.

Keywords: Ontology; Collaborative Network; Social Network; Knowledge Management; Semantic Web; FOAF; SIOC; SKOS

"Road Book" of my Dissertation:

All the evolution of my thesis project can be seen on a Google Wave I created for it. I used this tool as my project "workbook". There I published an average of 2 posts per week, during these last 6 months, receiving feedback about my advances from my group colleagues and supervisor.

Documentation tool:

For the all the documentation I produced during my dissertation period, I used Google Docs. I created a specific folder for my dissertation and then shared it with my supervisor and work colleagues, receiving feedback from them during all this time.

My dissertation report was wrote on Google Docs documents. Then I had the task of copying all the content to LaTeX to build the final document which you can consult.

Final deliverables: