Instructions for final paper submission:

Step 1: Access your area using the same login/password.
Step 2: Under the tab Abstracts & Papers click in Edit (see figure below).

Step 3: Make sure your PDF file complies with the IFAC style rules (only PDF files complying with the IFAC style rules and PDF requirements will be accepted for publication.)
Step 4: Submit the .pdf file.
Step 5: Send the copyright form in case you haven't done it so far.
Step 6: Write a text file with:
    6.1 - title of the paper
    6.2 - list of authors respecting the order
    6.3 - abstract
    6.4 - full references cited in the article
Step 7: Send the text file to, with the subject "text file: title_of_paper".


Download the Transfer of Copyright Form: NGCUV 2012 copyright

Example template for papers submitted: (doc) or (pdf)

Instructions for Authors:

Paper files must be submitted as PDF files. Only PDF files complying with the IFAC style rules and PDF requirements are admissible. Paper file compliance is the author's responsibility, as the organizers will not modify an incorrect PDF file after it has been produced. One paper should not exceed 6 pages. However, up to 8 pages will be accepted. If one paper includes over 6 pages, the representative author will be charged from the 7th page (100 per one page).
For paper formatting instructions and PDF specification instructions, as well as support packages in both latex and word (featuring template files) can be found in:

   Information for IFAC Authors

Please note that all IFAC conferences require A4 paper size. It is important to note that PDF paper size is determined by your PDF converter. Even if you start out with A4 in your word processor, your PDF converter will have to be set to create an A4 output. You are strongly encouraged to use the IFAC paper upload website feature enabling the authors to check whether the submitted pdf file satisfies the specified requirements.

All fully reviewed papers presented at the IFAC NGCUV12 technical meeting (conforming to IFAC publication requirements) will be published in electronic form after the meeting on the website.

The copyright of all papers must be transferred to IFAC before they can be accepted for presentation at the event. No paper can be included in IFAC-PapersOnLine unless its Copyright Transfer Form has been received. For IFAC copyright transfer conditions, please check the website IFAC Copyright Conditions