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WebCGF (Web Computer Graphics @ FEUP) is a library developed by teachers and alumni of the Graphics, Interaction and Gaming Group (GIG) of the Department of Informatics Engineering (DEI) at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto to support the computer graphics courses lectured primarily in the Master in Informatics and Computing Engineering (MIEIC).

It was developed as a successor of the CGFlib library before it, shifting from older OpenGL versions and C++ native applications to WebGL and browser-based applications.

In this site you can find the library and its reference documentation, as well as links to other resources. Feel free to browse around.




Older versions


  • Main
    • Rui Rodrigues (DEI/FEUP)
    • Teresa Matos (DEI/FEUP)
    • Miguel Marques (MIEIC/FEUP)
    • Alexandre Carvalho (DEI/FEUP)
    • Rui Nóbrega (DEI/FEUP)
  • Additional
    • Diogo Rodrigues (MIEIC/FEUP)
    • Henrique Ferrolho (MIEIC/FEUP)
    • José Moreira (MIEIC/FEUP)
    • Luís Reis (MIEIC/FEUP)
  • Coordinator
    • Rui Rodrigues

Third-party libraries included


For questions/suggestions please contact gig _at_ fe.up.pt


For questions/suggestions please contact gig _at_ fe.up.pt