About Me

Who am I?

I was born in April, 5th 1990 in Vila Nova de Famalicão and I have lived here since then. I have always been a kind and responsible person even as a child. I have been raised a Catholic, although nowadays I do not practice any religion.

During my life I have been forcing myself to achieve certain goals, such as have good grades to be able to have a good and solid college degree with great perspectives of professional future.

But since work is not everything I have practiced sports such as football, karate and swimming, I enjoy watching movies and TV as well as listening to music, specially rock and indie rock bands. I also enjoy spending time with my friends, travelling and driving.

What have I learned?

I went to elementary school in Antas and continued my studies until the end of high school in Didáxis - S. Cosme where I finished with the average grade of 17,7 /20. During the time I spent here, I have been enrolled in a Robotic course where I had the opportunity to compete in the World Edition of Robocup in the year 2004.

After that I enroled in the course of Informatics Engineering in FEUP where I currently possess an average of 15,74 / 20 and where I am finishing the 5th year. In the meantime I have spent a semester in Rome as a ERASMUS student which I have finished with average 26,8 / 30.

What have I done?

Apart from being a competent student, I have also practiced sports, travelled inside and outside Portugal, worked in summer jobs, competed in various aspects of my life and all-around been a honest and kind person due to my balanced education and parent supervision.

Regarding the technological projects I invite you to check the Projects page.

What do I want to do?

After finishing college I intend on spending the month of August travelling across Europe in InterRail to comemorate the end of a cycle and to embrace the professional life. Also, I intend in learning to play the acoustic guittar.

In a professional perspective, I look forward to be accepted in a company to pursuit the goal to be a better Informatic Engineer, preferably in a dynamic and competent team in order to expand my knowledge and have the possibility to build interesting and challenging projects.

A secondary objective would be to work abroad, being that one of the reasons why I have been a ERASMUS student and also due to the perspective of a better future than the present in our country.