Plenary and Semi-plenary keynote lectures

MS00 Professor Gerhart Schuëller Memorial Mini-Symposium
H. Jensen, M. Beer

MS01 Aseismic design of stuctures and lifelines
M. Papadrakakis, C. Sousa Oliveira, A. Campos-Costa, K. Pitilakis, R. Paolucci

MS02 Dynamic soil-structure interaction and wave propagation
G. Müller, D. Clouteau, J. Semblat, A. Metrikine

MS03 Traffic induced vibrations (road, railway, subway)
G. Müller, G. Degrande, G. Lombaert

MS04 Vibrations due to construction and industrial activities
W. Rücker

MS05 Human induced vibrations
A. Pavic, E. Caetano, L. Bruno

MS06 Bridge dynamics (seismic loads, wind loads, moving loads)
Á. Cunha, G. De Roeck, Y. Fujino, C. Borri, J. Goicolea

MS07 Wind induced vibrations of slender structures and fatigue
R. Höffer, H. Niemann, M. Pfeil

MS08 Dynamic testing and monitoring of monuments and historic structures
C. Gentile, F. Vestroni, P. Lourenço

MS09 Active, semi-active and passive vibration control
F. Casciati, J. Rodellar, C. Moutinho

MS10 Advances in computational dynamics of structures
D. Duhamel, P. Ribeiro

MS11 Non-linear dynamics
I. Kovacic, J. Naprstek

MS12 Experimental techniques and smart structures (incl. non-contact measurements)
C. Gentile, W. Ostachowicz, A. Deraemaeker

MS13 System identification and structural health monitoring
G. De Roeck, W. Ostachowicz, C. Papadimitriou, L. Katafygiotis, F. Magalhães

MS14 Uncertainty quantification in computational structural dynamics and coupled systems
C. Soize, R. Ghanem

MS15 Dynamic response of structures due to random exitation
F. Poirion, I. Zentner, C. Cremona

MS16 Stochastic dynamics and reliability analysis of structural and mechanical systems under environmental excitation
M. Vasta, M. Barbato

MS17 Reliability and robustness of dynamic systems
H. Jensen, J. Beck, M. Beer

MS18 Bayesian updating, filtering and inversion for dynamic systems
J. Beck, A. Taflanidis, K. Zuev

MS19 Fuzzy sets and intervals - numerical methods, applications
M. Beer, M. Hanss, H. Zhang, D. Moens, D. Vandepitte

MS20 Fluid-structure interaction
A. Metrikine, R. Ohayon

MS21 Vibro-acoustics
G. Müller, D. Duhamel, R. Langley, W. Desmet, B. Pluymers

MS22 Constitutive behavior of construction materials and dynamics of composite structures
C. Butenweg, S. Lenci, J. Dias Rodrigues

MS23 Micromechanical structures and dynamic behaviour
G. Bonnet, C. Boutin

MS24 Blast and accidental loads
J. Weerheijm

MS25 Offshore wind power plants and structures
W. Rücker, Y. Petryna, S. Savidis

MS26 Onshore energy structures (wind, solar, hydraulic)
C. Borri, R. Harte

MS27 Structural Dynamics (other topics)
E. Caetano, Á. Cunha