Project Description

MareComMaritime Community Networks and Services

Program: Portugal 2020

PIs: Rui Campos (INESC TEC: [email protected]) – Manuel Ricardo (U.Porto–INESC TEC: [email protected] )

Consortium: WaveCom, INESC TEC, Portuguese Navy, Ubiwhere

The main objective of this project is the development of high availability, broadband and low cost maritime communications solution based on the IP protocol and off-the-shelf hardware, in order to (1) support the activities of the communities operating in maritime environment, such as fishermen, maritime transportation, recreational vessels and navies, with reliable and broadband communications, and (2) enable the convergence with the terrestrial communications scenario, fostering the digital inclusion of these communities. The proposed solution will be based on the community networks paradigm and approach the problem in an holistic perspective, from the physical layer to the application.”