Path in the program

Enrolling in the Program

Students graduated in a field of engineering associated with Electrical and Computer Engineering (including Electronics and Telecommunications) have the necessary profile to enroll in PDEEC.

Other profiles are likely to be accepted, especially in Computer Science, Physics or Energy and Environment

The admission of any candidate is subject to analysis and approval by the Scientific Committee of the Doctoral Program PDEEC.


Student supervision

The Scientific Committe is responsible for appointing a Supervisor and Supervising Committee to each student and for defining each student’s Study Plan, i.e. the courses that he/she must attend, taking in account his/her preferences and the reccomendations of the Supervisor, given an identified need to balance and complete the student background.

The Supervising Committee must include the Supervisor, an external examiner and a third member.

The Supervisor is appointed with agreement of the student.


Getting a degree

The Doctor Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering is granted to the student that:

  • Successfully completes 8 courses according to the course organisation of PDEEC, obtaining 60 ECTS;
  • Gets approval from his Supervising Committee for a Research Plan, submitted up to 18 months after starting the Program;
  • Submits and sees approved an original Ph.D. Thesis, as a result of the Research Plan previously accepted.


Defending the Thesis Research Plan

The research work to be done by the student must be defined by his Supervisor as early as possible, up to the end of the 1st year.

The work done in the course Research Plan must contribute to the preparation of the Thesis Research Plan to be submitted to the Supervising Committee.

The student shall defend his/her Research Plan in a public Session, to have place within 60 days of the submission of the Plan.


Thesis Submission

The Thesis must be submitted in English (or Portuguese, in cases accepted by the Scientific Committee) before the end of 4 years of frequency of the Program.

A provisional version of the Thesis will be evaluated by a Committee upon a public defense, and ammendments may stipulated.

The Diploma is only granted upon delivery of a corrected and final version of the Thesis.