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In this page you can find a list of tutorials about the LARA language and the available weaving tools.

CSW'16: LARA Tutorial

A DSL-based Approach for Cross Layer Programming: Monitoring, Adaptivity and Tuning, in HiPEAC Spring Computing System Week (CSW’2016,, April 20-22, 2016, Porto, Portugal, (Thematic Session). João M. P. Cardoso, João Bispo, Tiago Carvalho, Luís Reis, Pedro Pinto, Ricardo Nobre, Faculty of Engineering (FEUP), University of Porto, PT

  1. Introduction to the LARA Language and its use in the context of Toolchains and Design Flows, João M.P. Cardoso
  2. LARA for Programming Code Characteristics and Metrics, Pedro Pinto, Tiago Carvalho
  3. LARA for Programming Code Instrumentation Strategies, Pedro Pinto, Tiago Carvalho
  4. LARA for Programming Strategies for Code Transformations and Optimizations, Pedro Pinto, Ricardo Nobre
    • Code Transformation and Optimizations, Pedro Pinto
    • Design-Space Exploration in the Context of Phase-Ordering, Ricardo Nobre
  5. LARA in the context of a MATLAB/Octave to C/OpenCL Compiler, João Bispo, Luís Reis
  6. LARA in the context of a Java to Java Compiler, Tiago Carvalho, Pedro Pinto
  7. LARA for Programming Strategies for Runtime Adaptivity , Tiago Carvalho, Pedro Pinto
  8. Plans for LARA in the context of the ANTAREX Project, João Bispo, João M.P. Cardoso

May DEI'18: LARA Tutorial for Java

Introduction to the LARA AOP Language, Tiago Carvalho, Pedro Pinto, João Bispo, João M. P. Cardoso, Faculty of Engineering (FEUP), University of Porto, PT

The LARA Language

  • Basic 101 -basics of the LARA language regarding its aspect-oriented programming approach.
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