Task 7

Name: Management

Coordination: FEUP/FMUP/UCP/KTH

Duration: 36 months

Task description

This task is devoted to the management of the project. The principal researchers from FEUP (Aníbal Ferreira) , FMUP (Pais Clemente), ESMAE-IPP (Daniela Coimbra), and Prof. Sten Ternström from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), will be involved in the supervision of all activities of the project, will be responsible for detecting significant deviations in the execution relative to the plan, and will be responsible for making comments and giving advice so as to insure that collaboration is effective between the partner institutions, and that results are obtained within schedule. The principal researchers will meet twice a year and every year an internal workshop will be organized to presents results, to assess the progress of the activities of the project, and to devise corrective action if and when needed. Prof. Sten will attend all three internal workshops and, if necessary, will make an additional visit to the Partner Institutions in Porto during the first semester of 2012 in order to evaluate the progress of the activities and give qualified advice before the last workshop.

Professor Sten Ternström is a known scientist in the area of voice acoustics and is the Head of the Music Acoustics group within the Department of Speech, Music and Hearing at KTH, in Sweden. This Department is one of the most active research groups in the area of voice and singing research and home of eminent researchers, namely Prof. Johan Sundberg.

Expected results

The expected outcomes of this task are three progress reports.

Human resources: 3.8 person-month.