Because we take our students through a rigorous hands-on course that covers the entire venture creation process!

In a group setting, the exposure to different thinking styles and people promotes what is called creative abrasion, which, if properly managed, can greatly enhance the innovation potential. This is the philosophy behind MIETE, which was conceived to promote innovation and entrepreneurship with multidisciplinary teams. With this in mind, MIETE aims at adapting itself to the profiles of candidates from different areas including, amongst others, Management, Engineering, Biotechnology, Sciences and Design. Throughout the programme, the teams develop key integrated competencies on innovation, entrepreneurship and technology that will ultimately enable the students to create and develop new technology-based businesses

Here the reasons why you should join us, have fun, and build your own business:

  • MIETE very practical “hands-on” approach to training with real commercialization problems enables students to better grasp the actual innovation process and to go through the real experience of technology commercialisation.
  • MIETE is very much oriented to the launching of new technology ventures by handling real technology commercialization issues. The real objective is to assemble a sound and solid business plan ready to be analyzed by investors by the end of the course.
  • MIETE takes its participants through the entire venture creation process, by combining real training in the innovation process and technology commercialization with the interaction of its students with researchers from different fields at the University of Porto University of Porto (UP). In MIETE, commercialisation teams, composed of MIETE students and researchers from the UP (not enrolled in the course), work together through the whole technology valorisation process and final commercialization. This means that students are placed in a real innovation setting by having to interact with researchers and the market, and conduct the actual iterative innovation process of bringing a technology or product idea to the market in the form of a business plan. Researchers come from a wide range of areas within the UP, including, amongst others: Medicine, Pharmaceutical, Sports, Biomechanics, Engineering, etc.
  • Moreover, MIETE receives students from a broad educational background and provides each of them with the flexibility to adjust the technical training to their needs. Students are allowed to select optional technical courses up to 12 ETCS from all 2nd Cycles available at the University of Porto. This allows students from very different backgrounds to mingle in MIETE’s multidisciplinary commercialization teams.