MIETE Buddies is integrated into the transversal Peer Mentoring Programme @ U.Porto, an institutional programme for welcoming, integrating and living together in higher education. It brings together current and new national and international students of the U.Porto, so that they may feel better integrated at an academic, personal and social level, promoting academic success, the prevention of dropping out and the development of transversal skills.
Based on their previous experience, the mentors (students already at the U.Porto and with more experience) help the younger ones (students who enter the U.Porto for the first time), the mentored, in the whole integration process, from the most basic issues – travelling, classes, registrations, places to take photocopies, canteens, etc – to others that may seem more difficult for those who have just arrived.
The objective is to contribute so that everyone – mentors and mentees – have a better experience in the academic context, promoting conviviality, sharing and cultural exchange.
The Programme encourages and favours peer collaboration dynamics in terms of study and learning, capable of deepening knowledge and reflective, creative and critical perspectives on the processes of academic integration, enhancing well-being at the University and a supportive, healthy academic experience that promotes individual dignity.
Taking into account the great diversity of study cycles existing at UP, the Programme can be developed based on a multiplicity of designs, definitions and modes of operation, as long as they respect the principles presented here (Only in Portuguese). These Guiding Principles define the general objectives of the Programme and its institutional mode of operation.

(further information in Portuguese)