Maio 29th, 2017|

The ECOOPE project aims at improving the employability of European Youth and at contributing to the creation of a new generation of cooperatives through the development of European Youths´ entrepreneurial

FRAMIE awarded 5.000€ prize at Startup Porto Accelerator #1

Maio 2nd, 2017|

We all had a sticker album once in our lives. Back then, that was our main job: to collect our favourite stickers. We had our favourite football players, our favourite

Entrepreneurship training for a Corporate Job in the Front End of Innovation? Does it make sense?

Novembro 14th, 2016|

  PORTUGAL Interview with Professor Stephen Markham Nov 14, 2016   We are most thankful and flattered by the kind availability of Professor Stephen Markham for this interview in MIETE-BLOG.

What is you Passion?

Julho 22nd, 2016|

Entrepreneurship is also about passion! "Over the past few decades, “passion” has been declared everything from the secret to successful entrepreneurship to the foundation of a meaningful life. It’s the

KINEMATIX – Knowledge From Body Movement

Junho 25th, 2016|

KINEMATIX - Knowledge From Body Movement Technique or form have always been taught and trained in all sports. So, why should running be different? Kinematix TUNE guides you to correct your

MIETE Team Ranks 2nd in iUP25k (Edition 2016)

Junho 23rd, 2016|

 (link to original photo) MIETE Team Ranks 2nd in iUP25k (Edition 2016) U.Porto Competition for Business Ideas (more information here – PT Only). Congratulations to our students Pedro Silva (Portugal) e Richard Ancuta(Denmark) and Florian

MIETE Students among the best Master Dissertations in Innovation & Entrepreneurship (EN & PT)

Maio 23rd, 2016|

COTEC MUDA Dissertation Competition 2015 (April 2016) COTEC MUDA Prize for the Best Dissertation in the area of Innovation and Entrepreneurship received 75 applications from 57 different programs and from 26 universities in Portugal.

Lean start-up companies by means of crowdsourcing

Julho 19th, 2015|

“Lean start-up approach provides both small and larger companies a novel, important and useful way to organize their business development, while reducing related high risks. Traditional start-ups face a

OTITEST from Metablue (PT-ONLY)

Abril 23rd, 2015|

The Metablue project emerged within MIETE Project courses and is now launching the OTITEST. Use this link to see the video presentation of OTITEST. It starts at time 2:03. Related:

Join as a Student and leave with your own Business!

Abril 10th, 2015|

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